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GIFTED serves its community by providing training, coaching and consulting services that allow trainees to start and sustain passion projects.





The GIFTED Life Course consists of a 14 step explorative journey, in which the trainees uncover a deeper understanding of their true GIFTS. The GLC is packed with over twenty four hours of facilitator guided discovery that leads to the answer of the question that everyone in search of Who Am I.

Education Consulting

The Education Consulting program is designed with the young teenager and adolescent in mind. The journey begins with a passion project that leads to the trainee becoming one of the most sought after student in the eyes of many admissions officers.

Volcano Program

The GIFTED Volcano Program is set to place any and every entrepreneur, small business owner, and professional on their personal peak. For the professional looking for change in career, to the seasoned business owner looking to scale, this program will guide the trainees to the path of a simple operating system that will change their lives forever.

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