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Learning From A Community Of Entrepreneurs

It takes a village to raise a child, yet, somewhere along the line the village stops getting involved. Parents rely on the schools to educate their children and we essentially grow communities of independent individuals that see team work as a hinderance or, an opportunity for someone to steal their amazing ideas.

We have come to discover that teamwork is in fact the best way to achieve our goals. Your ideas are great and can only get you as far as your knowledge will allow. When you incorporate your ideas with those of others you allow your foundation to fortify itself and give permission for it to scale.

Wouldn’t you like to have your ideas reach the maximum altitude?

GIFTED has recognized the need for our communities to come together in order for everyone to achieve financial independence and retire early. We are bringing the FIRE and we want you come along and be part of something that will transcend anything that the economy throws at us.

6 lucky participants will be selected for an all inclusive course, for 8 weeks, absolutely FREE.

In order to be considered for this deal of a life time, you need to submit a request for the application form and details, using the form below. Once we receive your request you’ll be given a set of questions specifically designed for you. Record your response by video and submit, that’s it.

Scan the QR code if you use WeChat

Are you ready to be set on FIRE?


Published by Gabriel k Jones

I consider myself an artist, a writer, an innovator and an influencer. I have spent my life discovering who it is that I truly am and the journey has led me to understand a few things. 1. I love to learn new things. 2. I love to create new things. 3. I love to do new things. Self-discovery leads to self-fulfillment, which ultimately leads to a life full of experiences and stories you can share with friends and strangers. I'm currently building the Gabriel K Jones brand which is meant to provide value and guide people to provided resources and encourage many to take out a new lease on life. Email us today Email:

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