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How Do I Find The Best Career?

The year 2020 blindsided many people. Many lost their jobs and source of financial stability, and others lost loved ones to a virus that we are not sure will ever be cured. Many establishments have transitioned from traditional office environments to a more commute-friendly work-from-home approach. Many students had to adjust to the online learning process. So did a majority of parents.

2020 granted the wishes of so many people tired of the mundane nine-to-five routine. However, countless people are yearning to return to the life where they prayed for Friday to arrive and mourned when Monday was approaching. Society is looking to get back to what they call the way we used to live life. One without all these confusing restrictions; stay home, but you can go to the grocery store to pick up essentials. You can’t leave your home unless it is for basics. Stay at least six feet apart. The only establishments allowed to remain open are the big box stores that sell the essentials. Wear a mask, and remember to stay six feet apart.

Most importantly, society is beginning to realize the system designed with the ideals of going to school, getting an education, and landing the dream job, is no longer serving the population. A continued increase in adults returning home to live with their parents. The alarming increase in consumer debt has magnified the realization that the system not working is becoming more and more prevalent.

So, how do you avoid the life of insurmountable debt and still achieve the goal of a well-paying job once you graduate college?

The answer to the question is quite simple. You discover, develop, dedicate your life to doing what you love and get paid for it.

These will be in a series of posts designed to help you or anyone you know that is dying to find a solution to their career unhappiness. We’ll share the details about the effective way to begin to do what you love and get paid for it. Once we conclude, you will have a guide on how you can take action NOW to ensure you find the best career for yourself. The best part is that you’ll be able to apply these skills repeatedly until you are satisfied.

How do I find the best career?

Published by Gabriel k Jones

I consider myself an artist, a writer, an innovator and an influencer. I have spent my life discovering who it is that I truly am and the journey has led me to understand a few things. 1. I love to learn new things. 2. I love to create new things. 3. I love to do new things. Self-discovery leads to self-fulfillment, which ultimately leads to a life full of experiences and stories you can share with friends and strangers. I'm currently building the Gabriel K Jones brand which is meant to provide value and guide people to provided resources and encourage many to take out a new lease on life. Email us today Email:

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