What Do I Need To Do To Discover My Gifts?


In our previous post, How Do I Find The Best Career? – Discovery We talked about discovering who we were and the importance of making the agreeing with yourself as a GIFTED being.

Most importantly, you will need to be comfortable with who you are as a human. A human is of complex make-up of traits and characteristics that have goals and dreams that desire to become achieved.

So, now that you have become firm in your beliefs as a unique and GIFTED being, it’s time to figure out your talents, gifts, and undeniable value that you bring to the table.

Where do you even begin?
Great question! And the answer is to take a look deep within, to uncover the moments in your life that you were:

  • Immensely happy
  • felt absolutely powerful
  • completely comfortable
  • extremely excited

Another crucial step in the discovery process that will allow you to delve deep into the core of your being. You are on the verge of a life-altering state and are responsible for the results that come about. Once you have made progress in answering the above questions, it’s time to put the discoveries to action. It’s time to discover what to do with all the information you have gathered and develop your gifts. That will be our topic for our next post.

Published by Gabriel k Jones

I consider myself an artist, a writer, an innovator and an influencer. I have spent my life discovering who it is that I truly am and the journey has led me to understand a few things. 1. I love to learn new things. 2. I love to create new things. 3. I love to do new things. Self-discovery leads to self-fulfillment, which ultimately leads to a life full of experiences and stories you can share with friends and strangers. I'm currently building the Gabriel K Jones brand which is meant to provide value and guide people to provided resources and encourage many to take out a new lease on life. Email us today Email: gabriel.k.jones@gmail.com

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