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The Keys To Success

The only three things you need to succeed are. Discover your passions. Find something you are good at, which brings value to yourself and others. Next, you want to develop those passions and the skills that come with them. The last ingredient is one of the hardest ones for most. You will need to dedicate yourself to accomplishing the mission. That mission may seem different to many people, but it’s all the same.

Are you ready to discover, develop and dedicate your life to becoming financially free and wealthy?

The Keys To Success

What Do I Need To Do To Discover My Gifts?

In our previous post, How Do I Find The Best Career? – Discovery We talked about discovering who we were and the importance of making agreeing with yourself as a GIFTED being.

Most importantly, you must be comfortable with who you are as a human. A human is of complex make-up of traits and characteristics that have goals and dreams that desire to be achieved.

So, now that you have become firm in your beliefs as a unique and GIFTED being, it’s time to figure out your talents, gifts, and undeniable value that you bring to the table.

Where do you even begin?
Great question! And the answer is to take a look deep within, to uncover the moments in your life that you were:

  • Immensely happy
  • felt absolutely powerful
  • completely comfortable
  • extremely excited

Another crucial step in the discovery process will allow you to delve deep into the core of your being. You are on the verge of a life-altering state and are responsible for the results that come about. Once you have made progress in answering the above questions, it’s time to put the discoveries into action. It’s time to discover what to do with your gathered information and develop your gifts. That will be our topic for our next post.

How Do I Find The Best Career – Discovery

In our last post, How Do I Find The Best Career? We talked about the life-altering year we called 2020 and highlighted the uncertainties happening to many people.

Most importantly, society is beginning to realize the system designed with the ideals of going to school, getting an education, and landing the dream job, is no longer serving the population. So we promised to share with you the answer to the question, how do you avoid the life of insurmountable debt and still achieve the goal of a well-paying job once you graduate college?

How do you avoid high student debt and land a dream job? For most people, it’s all about finding that dream job right out of college. What happens when the markets become oversaturated with the same: educational qualification, background, and career objectives? How do you beat the competition and stand out enough to be recognized as a unique talent or individual?

We believe that everyone has something that makes them irreplaceably unique. We believe that your GIFTS bring value to the community. We believe that there are three core targets you need to achieve to live the life you truly desire.

The first thing you need to do is discover who you are and what you love to do. It sounds a lot easier than it is. Once you uncover the answer, your following two tasks will be a walk in the park.

So, what do you need to do to discover who you are?

It starts with having the courage to tell yourself I am GIFTED. It sounds superficial. It is vital when you embark on the journey of self-discovery. It is the crucial process that will allow you to let yourself be yourself. You will never achieve your goals if you don’t allow yourself to reach this form. Once you have become comfortable with who you are. It is time to discover what your gifts are. That will be our topic for our next post.

How do I find the best career?

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How Do I Find The Best Career?

The year 2020 blindsided many people. Many lost their jobs and source of financial stability, and others lost loved ones to a virus that we are not sure will ever be cured. Many establishments have transitioned from traditional office environments to a more commute-friendly work-from-home approach. Many students had to adjust to the online learning process. So did a majority of parents.

2020 granted the wishes of so many people tired of the mundane nine-to-five routine. However, countless people are yearning to return to the life where they prayed for Friday to arrive and mourned when Monday was approaching. Society is looking to get back to what they call the way we used to live life. One without all these confusing restrictions; stay home, but you can go to the grocery store to pick up essentials. You can’t leave your home unless it is for basics. Stay at least six feet apart. The only establishments allowed to remain open are the big box stores that sell the essentials. Wear a mask, and remember to stay six feet apart.

Most importantly, society is beginning to realize the system designed with the ideals of going to school, getting an education, and landing the dream job, is no longer serving the population. A continued increase in adults returning home to live with their parents. The alarming increase in consumer debt has magnified the realization that the system not working is becoming more and more prevalent.

So, how do you avoid the life of insurmountable debt and still achieve the goal of a well-paying job once you graduate college?

The answer to the question is quite simple. You discover, develop, dedicate your life to doing what you love and get paid for it.

These will be in a series of posts designed to help you or anyone you know that is dying to find a solution to their career unhappiness. We’ll share the details about the effective way to begin to do what you love and get paid for it. Once we conclude, you will have a guide on how you can take action NOW to ensure you find the best career for yourself. The best part is that you’ll be able to apply these skills repeatedly until you are satisfied.

How do I find the best career?

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Is Everyone GIFTED?

Is everyone GIFTED?

People aren’t concerned as much with the way things used to be. What they care about is their ability to live life on their terms.

GIFTED has thought about it, and they have realized that you’ll need a lot of help when it comes to breaking free from the mundane rituals of the past to finally see the potential in your future.

So, what they have done is created the GIFTED Life Course. A fourteen-step process that guides you through discovering your GIFTS, developing your skills, and finally dedicating your life to living it on your terms.

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Which one are you?

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Come Out Of Any Crises With A New Skill Or A New Hustle.

When you’re in the office, you’re constantly thinking about those fantastic ideas that always get interrupted by another meeting, another report that needs to be reviewed, another email that needs to be answered. You’ve kicked yourself every Sunday evening because you know that you must go back to that place that sucks up most of your time the next day, Monday. If you only had some free time, you could just get Mondays off to focus on the projects you really want to do.

Well, the universe has heard your requests. Yours and several billions of others similar request. Covid-19 could be considered a devastating event or the most fortunate opportunity. This is the moment you have been waiting for. The chance to get your ideas into something more than just an idea. The opportunity to make your ideas into a reality. We have all been given a moment to pause, reflect, and act on our desires for more time.

What are you going to do with the time you have been given?

If you’re still unsure, why not take this chance to get the GIFTED Life course? The course will aid you in your quest for financial independence and retiring early. GIFTED is offering its participants an offer of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on finally getting what you want. Apply by checking out the details below.

Learning From A Community Of Entrepreneurs

It takes a village to raise a child, yet, somewhere along the line the village stops getting involved. Parents rely on the schools to educate their children and we essentially grow communities of independent individuals that see team work as a hinderance or, an opportunity for someone to steal their amazing ideas.

We have come to discover that teamwork is in fact the best way to achieve our goals. Your ideas are great and can only get you as far as your knowledge will allow. When you incorporate your ideas with those of others you allow your foundation to fortify itself and give permission for it to scale.

Wouldn’t you like to have your ideas reach the maximum altitude?

GIFTED has recognized the need for our communities to come together in order for everyone to achieve financial independence and retire early. We are bringing the FIRE and we want you come along and be part of something that will transcend anything that the economy throws at us.

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Are you ready to be set on FIRE?

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If you had an opportunity to be part of a limited time event that is completely risk free, would you pass on that chance? The correct answer to that is a BIG and definite NO. You wouldn’t and you definitely shouldn’t.

We are on a mission to learn how we can begin to implement the life lessons we have learned from our experiences and from others, apply them to our situations in life to reach a state of financial independence that will allow us to retire early.

We will offer GIFTED FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), free of charge, to six, highly motivated people, for eight weeks, starting in May. In it, we will be sharing all the habits we have learned over the past  that have led us to feel at ease in these times of unease. You can adopt these same habits to start on your own path to self-fulfillment and financial freedom.

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Opportunities And Lemons

Think about this for a second:

New companies, products, and industries are born from economic challenges. 

We want you to be a person who wakes up every day wanting to be first in your industry or field, who is not victimized by what appears to be honest but who creates a new possibility out of the opportunities and lemons that unforeseen circumstances present. 

We are holding a FREE 8-week course soon to help you do that.

Economic challenges are here, but you can rise above them.

Join us for literally the most important 8 weeks of our lives. Spaces are limited to only 6 participants. We’re going to keep it tight and intimate for this course.

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Let’s make use of this opportunity together.

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